Conference Videos

Day One


We welcomed an array of speakers, all sharing their views on ‘How can Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) remain relevant to their audiences?’

Lord Bichard KCB – Chair of the UK National Audit Office Board

Meg Hillier MP – Public Accounts Committee Chair

David Hencke – Investigative Journalist, 2012 “Political Journalist of the Year”

Gareth Davies – Comptroller and Auditor General, UK National Audit Office

Dr Nikolas Kirby – Research Fellow in Philosophy and Public Policy, University of Oxford

President Seyit Ahmed Baş – President of EUROSAI and the Turkish Court of Accounts

Day Two


The YES delegates attended workshops led by fellow Young EUROSAI members to explore ‘Solutions: What are SAIs doing to address present and future issues in audit?’ and given the opportunity to feedback on what they’d learnt.

Workshop Feedback Session One

  • Workshop One – Digitalisation, what are the challenges and risks?
  • Workshop Two – Liberalisation of audit principles
  • Workshop Three – Food control audit
  • Workshop Four – The future of Parliamentary audit
  • Workshop Five – Staff competence – how to keep up?
  • Workshop Six – How can SAIs identify relevant audit topics in a changing environment?
  • Workshop Seven – The impact of SAIs – How can we become influencers?

Workshop Feedback Session Two

  • Workshop One – Investigations and focus audits – remaining relevant through reactive and rapid audit reporting.
  • Workshop Two – Auditing HR policies; looking beyond compliance.
  • Workshop Three – How can SAIs remain relevant to the legislature?
  • Workshop Four – Innovations in Political Parties audits.
  • Workshop Five – Better content together with better communication.
  • Workshop Six – Sharing of information and experience among auditors.
  • Workshop Seven – Visualising audit results, why bother?

Workshop Feedback Session Three

  • Workshop One – Relevance of big data auditing.
  • Workshop Two – SAIs and jurisdiction – just a Mediterranean eccentricity.
  • Workshop Three – Supporting young people’s development at the State Audit Office of Hungary.
  • Workshop Four – Advantages and disadvantages for automatic controls.
  • Workshop Five – Environment concerns in audit: ‘nice to have’ or a must?
  • Workshop Six – The media and communication game.
  • Workshop Seven – Rise of the machines.

Day Three


YES Conference Resolutions and Panel Discussion


The final day was all about identifying the challenges we all face and agreeing the solutions to address these challenges. Delegates then presented these challenges and solutions to an expert panel consisting of:

  • Gareth Davies, Comptroller and Auditor General, UK National Audit Office
  • Tytti Yli-Viikari, Audit General at the National Audit Office Finland
  • Arno Visser, President of the Netherlands Court of Audit