Natalie Klisevica

Written by: elefteria19.03.2019

Hi, my name is Natalie. I have been working as an analyst at the UK’s National Audit Office since 2018. Before that, I’ve changed a number of roles in the UK’s civil service, focusing on the economics of the UK energy sector and public finance forecasting. At present, I am part of the NAO’s Central Investigations team, together with George. Investigations are quick, facts-only performance audits, with no conclusions or audit recommendations. The range of topics we cover is huge. One of the many benefits of my job is that one day I can be investigating the performance of the UK’s cancer screening programmes, and the next – working on auditing the UK’s exit from the EU. So ‘boring’ isn’t a common word in my vocabulary!

A fact about me: while in my first year at university, I won the bronze medal in the Randori Nationals – the UK National Ju-Jitsu competition. (But that was a long time ago and in a junior league, so please don’t ask me to show any fancy ju-jitsu tricks!)