Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Young EUROSAI (YES)?

    You can find more details on the About YES 2019 page.

  • Where is YES taking place?

    This year’s conference is being held in London. In previous years, delegates had the opportunity to visit Rotterdam, Jerusalem and Tallinn.

  • Do I need to register to attend?

    Yes. The conference is open to all members of EUROSAI; however, only organisations that have received an official invite will be able to attend.

  • When do I register?

    As soon as possible! The deadline for registrations is Sunday 30 June 2019.

  • How many delegates from my institution can attend?

    We ask that each institution send two delegates each. We want to ensure that every institution has an opportunity to send delegates. If you would like to send more than two delegates, we ask that you register two delegates before Sunday 30 June 2019, and then get in touch with us after the registration deadline if you wish to send additional delegates.

  • Are there eligibility criteria for delegates?

    The short answer is yes. In keeping with previous conferences, the conference is aimed at those aged 35 or below. We recognise that some offices may not have any staff below 35, so there is flexibility. The important thing is that delegates come with an inquisitive mind and fresh ideas.

    The working language of the conference will also be in English, so delegates need to be proficient in speaking English. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide translation services during the conference.

    Please get in touch with us via the Contact page or e-mail us at if you have any questions.


  • I am a EUROSAI member and I haven’t received an invitation, who do I contact?

    If you think you should have been invited but haven’t heard from us, you can get in touch via the Contact page, or send an email to

  • I would like to run a workshop, who should I speak to?

    The registration page asks whether you would like to run a workshop or not. All those that submitted a title and abstract will be contacted after the registration deadline about their workshop. If you have changed your mind and would like to run a workshop, get in touch via the Contact page, or at, and we will see what we can do.

  • Do I get to select which workshop sessions I will be attending?

    Yes. During registration delegates will have the opportunity to volunteer themselves to run a workshop on the second day of the conference. Once registration is closed, we will create a programme and send an email out to registered delegates asking them to select three workshops.

  • I am not able to attend anymore, what should I do?

    Please get in touch with us via the Contact page or e-mail us at as soon as you know that you can no longer attend.

  • Is there a dress-code?

    The dress code is ‘dress for the day’. The programme is available here, have a look at each day and dress in whatever you feel is appropriate.

  • Do I need to bring anything to the event?

    Nothing but an inquisitive brain filled with questions and ideas.

  • What social media platforms are you using?

    The conference will be using Twitter throughout the event. We will let you know the account name once the account is set up. You can also keep an eye on the blog section of this website.

  • What is the best way to travel in London?

    Depends who in the team you ask, we all have our preferences. See the London NAOHow page for more information.

  • I have an access requirement, who should I get in touch with about attending the event?

    We want to make this conference accessible to all participants. If you have an access requirement and want to make us aware of it in advance, please get in touch with the organising committee via the Contact page or by e-mailing

  • Where can I find information about places to eat and drink in London?

    See the London NAOHow page for more information.

  • Where do I stay in London?

    We have reserved places for delegates in a hotel a short commute from our offices – more details here. You are, of course, also welcome to find a place of your own but let us know if that’s the case.

  • Will it rain?

    Hope that it won’t but expect that it will. After all, it is London.

  • Who do I contact if I have further questions about the event?

    The organising committee is always happy to hear from you during the months building up to the event! Please get in touch via the Contact page or by direct e-mail to