Behind the scenes with the YES 2019 committee

Written by: National Audit Office01.11.2019

Joining the YES organising committee has reinforced our belief that saying ‘yes’ to things that stretch you is really positive!

Preparations for the YES 2019 conference started 12 months ago, and we’ve been juggling our day jobs with organising the event – which hasn’t been an easy feat! With the conference just moments away the YES 2019 committee have been hard at work getting everything ready for your arrival, we thought we’d reflect on planning such an important event and what it means to us.

What have we learnt?

Not to plan an international conference alongside your day job – never underestimate the amount of organisation needed for a conference like this! But jokes aside it’s been really enjoyable planning this event; when the delegate packs arrived, including your fetching yellow umbrellas , we could see everything coming together and it felt hugely rewarding.

Through planning the YES conference we’ve had the opportunity to discover more about the UK National Audit Office (NAO) and work with new colleagues from different disciplines such as design and publishing, facilities and communications. It’s meant a lot to us to gain a wider understanding of the NAO and how we operate, which will be really beneficial in the future.

We’ve gained new skills through organising the YES conference: working on catering, communications, conference programme design, and writing briefings for senior guests – most of this has been new to us! Hopefully, you’ll similarly benefit from the opportunities the conference presents, through participating, running workshops and facilitating activities.

Most importantly we’ve learnt to always say YES! Joining the YES organising committee has reinforced our belief that it’s really positive to be open to opportunities that stretch you and allow you to try something new.

What are we looking forward to most?

There’s so much we’re looking forward to – seeing all our hard work come together, meeting all of you and being part of a truly collaborative event. We’re also looking forward to the speaker line up; we are lucky enough to have a really diverse group of speakers with a wide range of perspectives to inspire us in our mission to tackle the conference theme of ‘relevance’.

We can’t wait to get stuck into the workshops and hear your viewpoints. You will be treating us to workshops on such an interesting set of topics – it will be fascinating to hear everyone’s insights and see how they are shaped by our different institutions. Collaboration and learning from other Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) is the name of the game at YES 2019.

We’re thrilled to be representing the NAO, and no, not just at the ping pong tournament! Not that we’re overly competitive or anything .

Mostly, we can’t wait to see the output of the conference, which will set out what we, as young auditors, see as the most important challenges facing our SAIs and how we think they should be tackled.

What the conference means to us young people?

It’s a great opportunity for younger auditors to share views and thoughts on where they see the future of state audit going, and what opportunities we feel our institutions should be taking advantage of.

A dedicated event for young people or those early in their careers isn’t an opportunity many people get. Not only does it provide us with a platform to have our say on the future of the profession, it emboldens us to go back to our institutions and shape our futures.

We’ve had so much fun being a part of this amazing event so far and we hope you enjoy this week as much as we have enjoyed planning it. See you in London for the Young EUROSAI 2019 conference .